How Do We Started

It was an "I" at first as I started this by myself. Growing up to be a "we" was really a blessing to Phloxnox !

Why "Phloxnox" as the name?

We got this pretty often ! As I started this, I didn't have much idea to name a business ! I used to write stories back then as a growing teenager so coming up with names are supposedly not something hard for me as I was trained to create names for my characters and settings. There were a lot of possible options for the name, but on April 2017, I was really into flowers ! I used to collect a lot of different flower name to complete my final portfolio at college, and just wanted one for my business. There were a few nominations for the name, as listed below :

A. Carnation (which happens to be my number one favorite flower of all time ! )

B. Juniper

C. Anemone

D. Daffodil

E. Larkspur

F. Phlox ( here she was ! )

G. Solidago

I cut the list down to three options though, made it to Anemone, Solidago, and Phlox. As I undergo to finish my study, I learned quiet a lot about naming a business and how to build a brand for yourself. The only one thing that I could clearly remember out of my head was having a catchy and unique name for your business. It didn't need to be difficult or sounded complicated to tell that you had a wild and complicated mind and that you got a lot of ideas to convince to your customer, as it would potentially limit your business in the long run.

Beside, I was trying to possess this originality in my business name that could make people remember. After a long consideration - I was very in love with the name Anemone at first, Phloxnox was supposed to be named Studio Anemone ! - but then decided to choose Phlox as my business name.

When I first started, I used @phloxworks as my Instagram username, but things just got escalated very quickly when I -again- discovered new thing of reading Ancient Mythology. I was in love with the idea of "Nyx" the Goddess of Night in Greek Mythology, and found out soon that there was also "Nox", which is a Roman goddess of night; daughter of Erebus; counterpart of Greek Nyx.

I have a thing for anything coloured in dark shade, be it black, dark green, dark red, dark grey, etc. I would say, I had tendencies to create something with dark palette. So the idea of Dark Phlox or Night Phlox really got into me, which is why I finally changed the username to @phloxnox, which literally mean Night Phlox. If anyone doesn't know how does a Phlox look like, I will give you a little insight.

General Image of Phlox

It also has a special meaning to me and my journey in studying art and design. Phlox is very simple in shape, the edges looked harmonious to me and the overall look represent my inner thoughts quiet well. Their colours are gorgeous, has a captivating evening scent, and easy to grow. Their name derived from Greek word "φλόξ" means "flame" or "blaze". Furthermore, their name could also mean "Sweet Dreams" and "Harmony". Since it also - fortunately - meet my classical element fire (this is another story ! ), I thought the name Phlox + Nox was the perfect choice to lead my design business to a more professional field.

Why do you start the business?

I was a desperate design student in my 7th and 8th term. I went to a design college for two years, full-time, and was coming to learn more about art and design. Things got pretty challenging at first when you didn't know how to operate the softwares and your fellow classmates are quiet a prodigy in this field. After a long and frustrating night of learning, I could finally operate some software pretty fluently ! Since it was a full-time study, my weeks and nights were full of projects and tasks. It was fun at first because you never got the chance to create a DVD cover design or publication project which included tons of interviews and aesthetic photograph to be put on your magazine layout. But as a normal student who could possibly get a little bored, I need to challenge myself and gain a little bit of income since I was graduating soon.

I also had a few work of logo that lie idle and crouched on my computer folder, completely left untouched, and I thought why not trying to sell it out. I didn't need to spend money for stocks, it was pure made fresh out of my head. Since I didn't have the gut to spend money and create a business out of nowhere - because I need to keep it for my final projects that cost quiet a lot-I sell my pre-made logos away. Out of curiosity and urgency, I made the account in a night and decided to create a few pre-made logo to sell online, started on June, 2017. For three months straight, that account was neglected. It didn't post anything, not being active to gain audience, just a tiny, quiet, account. Until my first customer came on October 2017.

Apparently, she wanted a custom logo. I thought to myself, this is an opportunity to create more portfolio. If I can try to make new, customised logo to my client, I could raise my rate and able to discover new style and design I'd never try to make before, one good point for my tiny career. It finally happened and along the journey, I keep getting new clients, mouth-to-mouth, until I was finally able to run the small business until now (plus, getting some team member ! )

I started this because I need something to light up my final months in college and reduce the stress level, also to make a little income to support my college life. Apart from this business, I also run some other businesses I'd rather not say out loud here, but it has finally became my go-to job that I can do when things got a little distracted.

One time, I decided to take a little break for months because I need some rest after my hectic internship and major final projects, but my clients wanted me to help them with their brands and businesses. I couldn't just leave them like that since they were the one who supported me and my tiny business, trusted me to work on their brand. I thank God for conducting me until this day to help each and one of my clients building their brands. Although a few miscommunications might occur, I still took that as a lesson for me as well to build a better service in the future. I always wanted to learn along the journey, and each and every of my client taught my various things I could never get in college ! It is true what they said, real-life experiences are far more precious than academic one ! I didn't mention this to say that formal education is not important - if it is not important, I wouldn't learn how to use Adobe products and learn basic principles of art and design, a lot of things you could never get in high school ! - but to prepare and shape your whole perspective, a real-life experiences are very much needed as well !

For me ( and for us, now) the money wasn't the most important aspect of this business ( I might say, the money are bonus ! ) but the experiences, the new ideas, the opportunity, and the lessons. Those are the things that I have always wanted to achieve when I started this. Another personal reason could be I wanted my parents to see that what I've been learning so far actually lead me to something useful. I used my two years lesson in college to start a business running on the same field that I took. I and my partners now are still far from perfect, we also learned and get inspired by other artists and designers, but for now, we are happy to help clients with their needs and will continue to do so.

Stefani Lin , Phloxnox, June 29th, 2019.

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