Mothercare and general brand with modern approach. Beside is envelope and name card design of Qyuko, using yellow color as one of the brand's primary colors to bring enthusiasm to the brand.

Following the envelope is the sticker design, with transparent finish and kiss cut, the sticker will be applied to various media of the stationeries.

for Blomstre               Flowers

Blomstre Flowers is a Jakarta based floral arrangement service that provide gentle and elegant arrangement for various occasions. Using delicate rustic flower illustration to display a bouquet, the final result of the logo is meant to captivate elegance and simplicity. 


for Modest Miles

Modest Miles is a modest active wear company for active, young, and fashion-concious women. The company has vision to promote active lifestyle especially for women with hijab and be with them throughout their journey, encouraging them to be stronger and healthier while staying fun and fashionable during exercise. They wanted something catchy and simple with the logo that represent journey and flexibility with neutral palette to enhance the modern and minimalist feelings.

for Adoughrable

Using bright and playful illustration for Adoughrable packaging, with cookies detail and vibrant yellow color that summon your appetite. Adoughrable wanted to look adorable and universal, so I created this look to vision their ideas.

for Meraki Design

Interior Design , Surabaya

Meraki 01-02.jpg
Meraki 01-03-01.jpg
Meraki 01-01.jpg

for Merchanteur Co.

E-commerce, Surabaya

Merchanteur is an e-commerce  where you can pre order various things especially from South Korea, with friendly price and secure shipment guarantee. The owner wanted a fresh and minimalist approach to the logo, so I created letter M as the main attraction followed by a "point" icon to represent that Merchanteur will always present to serve you at almost all day. The "point" icon also form a "heart" ( <3 ) shape to tell that they will serve and help you with their heart and assist your order until they are safely  arrived at your front door.

The tag concept is created like a semi-envelope, with deboss effect on the logo as accent. The color palette is a combination between apricot and dark violet, create contrast between the color, making it pop up to the eye. 

for Nyuk Nyan